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Quality of Life

There are many quality of life advantages to relocating to Sharyland Plantation. One of the most obvious is the year-round tropical climate, which naturally lends itself to a more relaxed pace. There is no other place on earth quite like the Rio Grande Valley. The skies are bluer, the stars are brighter, and natural flora and fauna abound. Wildlife preserves and gentle Resacas provide a refuge for creatures and man alike. There are numerous cultural events, museums, sporting events, fishing, birding, hunting and year-round golfing.

Like the wild tropical flowers that bloom here, life in Sharyland Plantation is just as pristine. The Sharyland Plantation community is committed to preserving this quality living environment. Neighborhood associations will maintain the integrity, architectural guidelines and overall appearance of the community.

The acclaimed Sharyland ISD schools and the Sharyland Business Park enable residents to eliminate difficult and frustrating morning commutes while enjoying one of the highest standards of living in the Valley.

Additionally, alliances with area universities and Sharyland Business Park assure a wide array of degree opportunities providing a well-educated, well-trained workforce and ever-expanding job and career opportunities.

Furthermore, Sharyland Plantation is just minutes away from major retailers such as Wal-Mart, H-E-B, Target, Home Depot and many more.